Here comes the sun, And I say it's all right
that's terrible.
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Moon Pride あなたの力になりたい!


The Legend of Zelda Tumblr Headers 

(Not included:  The Legend of Zelda, Adventure of Link, A Link to the Past, Link’s Awakening, Oracle series, and Four Swords)

Feel free to use, no need to credit.

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Soap bubble.

i hit a small art block and couldn’t create anything new, so i coloured something old.

Ah PS: I got a twitter now if anybody wants to hear me whine.


I loved you not because of the reasons you think I did

But if you’re lucky, really lucky, you find yourself on a good ship, in front of a good crew. A crew you can trust with your life. Gifted, disciplined, brave. All of them eager to set sail into the endless, black ocean.

The food in Free! Eternal Summer - Episode 04 


Do you think we can broadcast this?!


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